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Let's face facts: No one is ever happy when their car is involved in an accident or gets hit in a parking lot or even hits a deer! We understand the stress level you have to deal with when these things happen. But, sometimes they do. And figuring out how to get your car back to normal is a monumental task that no one really wants to be good at. But we have some great news here: we are! Jim and Joe at Village Auto Body are experts in these things and specialize in handling insurance claims and in getting your car back to normal and will make this process easy for you.

Its simple, after an accident, just call us! We'll help you get things moving in the right direction and will simplify the process of getting your car back to normal pretty quickly.

We will explain the claims process, schedule your repair, set up a rental car if needed, and have your car back to normal in a good reasonable time. (Oh, and just to remind you, we also do good quality, guaranteed auto body and collision repairs, we fix scratches, dings and dents, we do expert color matching and painting, we do frame straightening, we handle car rentals, glass work, wheels, detailing and towing.) All insurance companies, all vehicle makes and models of course!



You will like us! We guarantee that you and your car will be treated with respect. A great customer experience and communication are our specialty.


We are I-CAR Platinum and Gold level certified. We are PPG Aquabase certified. And we have a company policy and commitment to continual training to keep up to date with the newest automotive technologies, concepts and advancements. We are constantly staying up to date with the information provided to us from the manufacturers on how to repair your vehicle.


We have recently invested almost a quarter million dollars in shop and equipment updates to handle the newest and most technological vehicles (yes, all new model cars - even Hondas, Subarus and Hyundais follow the same advance vehicle technology as the "high end vehicles". We proudly use a Celette frame straightening machine as well as the NAJA 3D advanced measuring equipment...Read More »


Since we are already making the entire repair process seamless and easy for you the natural result is a great finished product. We guarantee it!


Jim is a Georgetown graduate and former CPA with some big city experience and small town roots. He always had a love for “fixing things” and founded Village Auto Body in the mid 1980s after he left his accounting career. Treating customers like family and doing quality and efficient repairs have been his guiding business principles over the past 30 plus years.

Joe is a graduate of Suffolk and St Joe's and a former education and philosophy major. His love of cars (classic Volkswagens in particular!) attracted him to this business when he started in an entry level job with us in 2005. He has grown through the ranks and has adopted many similar business practices to Jim and has become the excellent manager you know and love at our front desk today!

Why choose us

Because your friends and relatives and neighbors already choose Village Auto Body! And they have for the past 30 plus years - just ask around. Seriously, ask your local mechanic or insurance agent or any local business owner who they trust with their auto body and collision repairs.

Insurance Direct Repair Programs (DRP's): Lately our main competitors are the big insurance company direct referral programs. Think about the hard sell you might get from them when you report a claim. Doesn't that hard sell make you angry? Why do you think they push so hard? To save their shareholders money of course by using their own “ preferred” discount repair shops.

NY Insurance Law clearly states that IT IS YOUR CHOICE who fixes your crashed car. Please remember this and tell your insurance carrier that you want to use your “preferred” repair shop: Village Auto Body in Hampton Bays.

Finally, know that we live and die by our promises and the calendar here. Our mission is to be accurate, fair and on time. We are only responsible to you - the vehicle owner and not to any big insurance company.